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Good cost management is critical to the financial success of every business. It is essential that the manager knows the company’s own processes to manage and control the costs generated at all production stages. for a critique

When costs are not known or even difficult to identify, it is impossible to establish a fair final price that really represents how much was invested for the product or service to exist.

Inefficient cost management leads the manager to keep his hands tied to make new investments, boost sales and achieve better results.

To better understand and learn how to recover your business finances with good cost management, read on!


What is cost management?

What is cost management?

Cost management should be part of every company’s strategy, not just as actions aimed at cutting costs, but as an important tool in the decision-making process, generating useful information that enables knowledge of the performance of each activity and helps in the control, planning and development of operations.

Managing costs arising from operations carried out by the company does not only mean cutting costs, but identifying unnecessary investments that can be eliminated (or reduced) or even potentializing others that result in higher quality or sales volume.


How to make good cost management?


Keep track of all expenses

How to make good cost management?

For efficient cost management, it is essential to keep all expenses recorded. But far beyond maintaining the record, it is necessary to categorize between fixed and variable costs. For example: Fixed costs refer to labor charges and wages, rent, electricity, water, etc. Variable expenses (those that may vary per month) are fines, commissions, among others.

Knowing your own business expenses makes it easier to identify those that are unnecessary. That is, the manager can optimize investments only where it is really needed and cut those that will not interfere with quality or planned sales volume.

Stay tuned for inventory values

Stock stopped, money stopped. Depending on the type of product a company works for, the wrong inventory level may be the end of the business. In addition, adequate inventory levels directly impact cash flow and costs.

Correct inventory management reflects positively on the company’s financials. Therefore, consider:

  • Delivery lead time: How long can the supplier be able to deliver the products sold (or if it is the end customer, how many days can the customer be delivered)? Keep in mind that cramming inventory with items that have no demand represents higher storage costs, labor, etc. By contrast, making sales and not having certain merchandise available leads to customer dissatisfaction and, consequently, losses. The key is to strike a balance between sales and purchases to maintain adequate inventory;
  • Demand forecasting: With up-to-date inventory, you can make sales forecasts and thus work with leaner inventory – without excesses and shortages.

Adopt a technology solution

Using financial control software is an important option for controlling a company’s costs. Many managers still deal with hundreds of separate papers and spreadsheets, making it impossible to integrate the information generated in various sectors.

By adopting a management system, the company knows in detail how much it received, the amounts receivable, how much it invested and spent on bills and expenses , and the amount it will spend by the end of the month.

By using financial control software, the manager will have an overview of the company’s profits and will be able to compare its expenses and revenues month by month. This will let you know if the company has gone over budget in a given month and how much it needs to save to get back to normal.

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