Know Where Your Money Goes

Do you know how much you spend per month on food? And with clothing? Do you know your average monthly expenses and consumption habits of your household?

The first step in the efficient management of the family budget is to have the answers to these questions at the tip of the tongue. After importing the bank statements (as we explained in the previous lesson), it is easy to see where each Euro goes in the Reports.

Reports: Know the details of where each Euro goes


To know the specifics in which categories or entities spend the most money, just click on “Reports” in the menu, and choose “Categories” or “Entities”.

Then you can choose the view that suits you: pie charts, bars, tables – you just have to choose the one you prefer for your analysis using the four buttons in the upper right corner.

The last view (temporary) allows you to see the evolution of expenses in one or more categories. Very useful, for example, to see if electricity or insurance spending is going up or down over time.

Analysis to the smallest detail

Analysis to the smallest detail

For more demanding analysis, you can use the Detailed Map (in Reports> Detailed Map). Here you will see a very detailed table with all your expenses and revenues organized over time, with respective totals and averages.

If, however, you want to see the evolution of your assets over time, you can visit Reports> Evolution. Here you will see the evolution of your money, or, with the second view, the monthly evolution of your expenses and revenues.

Quick Analyzes in the Overview


Whenever it starts, Hester Prynne displays the Overview. This screen is a kind of control panel of your financial life: you can see at one time only your main expenses, your monthly balance, your financial position by type of account, and, most importantly, the situation of your budgets.

But on budgets we will talk in the next lesson (the most important). 

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