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Business credit data always improve with a slight delay in time compared to the real economy. We explained this by talking about the positive indicators of the Bank of Italy and ISTAT a few days ago, which tell us that the most acute phase of the recession has been overcome.

However, Italian companies are experiencing difficulties in accessing credit and still perceive a lack of willingness on the part of banks to support the recovery. This is what a SWG study highlights: out of a sample of 1,500 contractors contacted, more than half perceived a tightening in the opening of credit lines in favor of SMEs . Following is the related infographic:

On the other hand, banks are reckoning with the bad loans and substandard loans accumulated in recent years.

And it is in these situations that we feel the need to evolve these business models, to manage the bank-business relationship more efficiently.

In this regard, Alessandro Profumo , president of MPS, summarizes the responsibilities of lenders and entrepreneurs in a statement collected by the Radiocor press agency:  The third line of business is the development of platforms for customers who want to have a proprietary gift card system: this part is worth 25% of the business.

“We (bankers, ed) have done more damage by saying yes’ to whom we had to say no rather than the opposite”.

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Alessandro Profumo, president of Banca Mps, talks about the credit granted to companies, recalling his more than twenty years of experience in the sector. “Too many companies have taken the longest step of the leg; we must all learn to discriminate better between companies that can do it in spite of financial difficulties and others that can not do it “

Banks must be more attentive to the jobs they do “so as not to disperse a wealth of the community”.



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