East County Water Recycling Program Gets Huge $ 388 Million EPA Loan

An EPA representative will present a “check” for $ 388 million to the East County Advanced Water Prescription (AWP) program. @EPAWater Photos via Twitter

Is US Environmental Protection Agency Assigned on Friday East County Advanced Water Purification Program $ 388 million Water Infrastructure Financial Innovation Act Funding to support the funding of the system.

This is the first WIFIA loan granted to this program, the largest EPA loan granted to a project in East San Diego County, and the second largest loan in San Diego County.

The East County AWP program, slated for completion in 2025, aims to create a new sustainable and drought-resistant drinking water supply for the region, using cutting-edge technology to purify recycled water in County of East San Diego. It is said. The program aims to produce up to 11.5 million gallons of new potable water per day. This represents about 30% of the current drinking water demand for residents of East San Diego County.

“The East County Advanced Water Purification Program is the result of many years of strategic and long-term planning, and this WIFIA loan is a historic milestone in its development,” said Allen Carlisle, CEO / Director general of the company. Said. Padre Dam Municipal Aqueduct“By providing East County with the management and independence of drainage and water communities, this program secures long-term solutions to increase community stability, economic vitality and quality of life. I will protect you. “

The Padredham City Water District, El Cajon, Helix Water District and San Diego County held a press conference on Friday. Steve Gobel.

“EPA is proud to work with this project, which will use proven technology to improve its drinking water supply in this climate-stressed region,” Fox said. “Investing in water infrastructure is one of the best ways to improve public health and the environment, create jobs and address the urgent challenges facing our communities. “

In 2019, the program had 38 projects nationally selected to receive funding to support investments in more than $ 12 billion in water infrastructure (a total of approximately $ 6 billion). The WIFIA program accelerates investments in national water infrastructure by providing additional long-term financing for projects of local and national importance.

When completed, the program aims to produce near-distillation quality water using four stages of water purification. Water that has undergone an advanced water purification process is mixed with water from Jennings Lake, reprocessed at the RM Levi Water Purification Plant, and then distributed as potable water.

In addition to providing a new local water supply, the program eliminates the need to send most of the East County wastewater to the Point Loma wastewater treatment plant in San Diego. There it is currently being processed and then thrown back into the sea.

For more information on the East County Advanced Water Purification Program, please visit: www.eastcountyawp.com..

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