New manufacturer for Baxter industrial park after council nods

By approving a redevelopment of the property at its virtual meeting on May 18, Baxter City Council paved the way for an addition to the Avantech property at 7790 Hastings Road, including an off-park portion, as well as the ‘addition of more than 50,000 square feet and development agreements to build a new facility. Outlots are undeveloped properties, often unrelated to roads, that developers designate for future construction.

The proposal, presented as a sixth step in the development of the Baxter industrial park, phase three, was passed by a unanimous 5-0 vote. Tri-Ven is a rotational molding company. Avantech is a manufacturer specializing in industrial water treatment solutions.

The proposal was unique, said community development director Josh Doty, as it incorporated an outlot to be attached to the Avantech property so that the addition did not violate a tax increase funding agreement, or district TIF, in effect until. ‘in 2026.

Council member John Ward asked why part of the proposal included parking spots that might or might not be built in time, to which Doty responded that the developers wanted to keep the plans somewhat flexible so that they do not have unnecessary pavement and, therefore, unnecessary gray space and associated maintenance. The new addition would include the southern portion of the property currently occupied by Hubbard Radio.

During council comments on the matter, Mayor Darrel Olson hailed the project as a great addition and a job creator for the region.

“Pretty exciting,” Olson said. “Here is an additional 50,000 square feet of manufacturing in our industrial park. Good jobs. We appreciate the working relationship with our staff to bring this project to where it is today, so it’s very exciting.

In addition, the board approved a development agreement, a stormwater maintenance agreement and a limited use agreement with Avantech for the addition of Tri-Ven.

In other areas, advice:

Approved the appointment from Joseph Niklaus at $ 13 an hour as a seasonal park officer.

Approved development agreement, stormwater maintenance agreement and limited use agreement with Jimmy John’s for 14244 Dellwood Drive, where they are renovating the property to a new location. Jimmy John’s proposes to install three new sewer and water lines on Universal Road, which requires the agreements.

Approved development agreement with Retail Partners Baxter LLC, subject to terms as stipulated by the utilities commission. With the addition of Jersey Mike’s to the Baxter Retail North development on Edgewood Drive, portions of the property are being rehabilitated and reconfigured. Historically, the practice has been to require the developer to install separate sewer and water services for each tenant in the property, but Retail Partners Baxter LLC has indicated that it would be difficult to connect the sewer to the main line, so they proposed to connect the lines to nearby properties. The developer has agreed to take all responsibility with this plan.

Adopted the standard start-up operating procedure for MicroChlor who is leading staff in efforts to disinfect the city’s water supply with a MicroChlor system, which is a necessary measure to compensate for the city’s currently inoperative water treatment facility.

Approved a SEH proposal for professional services to update the city code to be able to monitor water transfers between Brainerd Public Utilities and the city transportation facility as long as the water treatment facility is offline. This would require a fee of $ 17,500 from the city.

Approved a 20 year maintenance plan for the lifting station. The maintenance plan provides the city with a means to plan, budget, and prioritize future improvements and includes planned costs from 2021 to 2041 for its array of lift stations. The estimated cost for 2021 is $ 283,980; 2022 is $ 262,335; 2023 is $ 157,335; 2024 is $ 172,335; and 2025 is $ 187,335.

Accepted a traffic speed study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation for Isle Drive. The study recommends posting a 40 mph limit for the stretch of road between the intersection of County Road 48 about 1,500 feet southwest of the intersection with Falcon Drive. The study also recommends posting a speed limit of 30 mph between approximately 1,500 feet southwest of the intersection with Falcon Drive and the intersection with Glory Road.

Approved a pair of conditional use permits for grading of shoreline areas as part of a shoreline restoration improvement project for properties located on Block 14000 of Memorywood Drive and Block 5700 of Sandstone Road.

Approved a special event permit for North Memorial Health Ambulance, which hosted a private EMS Week event for guests on May 20 at 7588 Industrial Park Road.

Approved the purchase of pictometric aerial imagery. Since 2010, the city has acquired high-resolution aerial photographs from Pictometry every three years as part of a collaborative project with Crow Wing County. The project cost for the 3-inch resolution aerial neighborhood imagery covering Baxter is $ 10,800 for each three-year project for a total cost of $ 21,600, payable in six annual installments of $ 3,600.

Approved a proposal for quality flow equipment for lifting station No. 14, in the amount of $ 57,400. The proposal states that Quality Flow Systems Inc. will provide two pumps, a control panel, two aluminum access hatches, pump base elbows, a submersible pressure transducer, two emergency floats and accessories for the rebuilding of the pump. lifting station n ° 14.

Approved evaluations for the 2021 plant and overlay upgrades and deep reclamation project. The total estimated cost of the improvements is $ 2,401,214.62. The portion of the cost to be paid by the city is estimated at $ 1,394,950.12 and the portion of the cost to be assessed for beneficial owners is $ 1,006,264.49.

Approved an offer from Knife River Corp.-North Central in the amount of $ 1,586,904 for the completion of the 2021 Mill Improvements and Deep Capping and Reclamation Project.

Asked staff to continue negotiations after a closed-door session to discuss talks to purchase three plots off Oakwood Drive from Baxter currently owned by Camp Vanasek.

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