Relatives honor life, legacy of longtime broken arrows dispatcher

Friends, family and coworkers honor the life and legacy of Broken Arrow dispatcher David Weisberg.

A memorial with flowers, pictures and candles is set up to pay tribute to him after his death from complications from COVID-19 last week. A lit commemorative candle, Oklahoma Sooners decor, flowers and sympathy cards, and photos from 22 years of expedition all cover a desk at Broken Arrow.

“If you’ve ever called an ambulance, the police, the non-emergency number, you’ve probably spoken with David and so at some point he helped you behind the scenes,” Broken Arrow Police Chief said, Brandon Berryhill.

All of this is in memory of Weisberg.

“David was one of the very first dispatchers I met,” said Jeremy Moore, Broken Arrow fire chief. “His passion and compassion, I know he felt like a successful day with him at the helm was everyone coming home safe.”

David’s daughters tell News On 6:

“Our dad was a big part of the community and was always involved in whatever he could be. Growing up he was our softball coach, and he treated every teammate like his own and made sure we were together. looking after them. He was always patient and understanding and always ready to give advice. He was the king of daddy jokes and cheesy dances, and his favorite was the caddy. His laugh was infectious, and he could make people laugh. Anyone with him. His blood was crimson and cream and still cheering on his Sooners. We loved him very much and will be missed. Boomer Sooner, Texas always sucks, Daddy! “

His friends and family said Weisberg was a big teddy bear. He loved to volunteer and between the hours he devoted to it, the hours with his family and friends and his hours at work – it’s easy to see why people flooded Facebook with messages of love and encouragement afterwards. his death.

Firefighters and Broken Arrow officers said it was an emotionally difficult but incredible honor to escort Weisberg’s body from the hospital to the funeral home last week.

“There will always be that voice that we continue to hear out there to guide and direct us,” Moore said.

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